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Display Panels There is a  Difference!

The most important component of a contact centre wallboard system are the display panels themselves and the panels manufactured by Telegenix are of the highest standard.

The best contact centre software is rendered useless if the display panel you are using is limited in visibility, functionality, or reliability. Telegenix engineers designed our Colorgraphix units specifically for the contact centre/help desk market. These displays offer features which are ideal for this kind of environment. 

These include:

  • User-selectable character size. Users choose the character size to suit the particular kind of message or screen layout
  • Multi programmable colours
  • Superbrite LED technology - the brightest displays on the market.
  • Neat, lightweight enclosure.
  • RS-232/485 or TCP/IP interface optional
  • Built in audio speaker for audible alarms.
  • Modular design for easy customizing.
  • 170 viewing angles.

Telegenix displays have UL and CE Certification and include ceiling or wall mount bracket options.  Please see below for information on our standard displays.

Standard Display

Telegenix can manufacture virtually any size of display for custom applications. However, Telegenix offers standard size units designed specifically for the contact centre/help desk environment. All models include fully populated LED technology for user-defined character size and animations.

Model 5632

Model 5632This model is our most popular model for contact centres. It can display 32 characters in 50mm size on 4 lines, 32 characters in 65mm on 3 lines or 24 characters in 110mm size on 2 lines. This means that in 4-line mode the panel could easily display 5 or 6 real-time stats from each of 3 groups all at the same time as well as having the ability to display urgent messages or screens in difficult-to-ignore large characters. The animated graphics are powerful reinforcers for motivational messages
Size = 1552mm; W x 360mm; T x 100mm; D.

Model 5622

An excellent lower-priced alternative to the 5632. It has all the features of selectable character sizes, animated graphics etc but has capacities of 21 characters x 4 lines, 21 x 3 or 16 x 2
Size = 1030mm; W x 360mm; T x 100mm;D.

Model 5631

Model 5631This unit displays 32 characters (50mm) on 2 lines or 24 characters (110mm) on 1 line and is ideal for use as a ACD statistical display
Size = 1552mm; W x 180mm; T x 100mm;D.

Model 5634

Model 5634Our most popular large display. It displays up to 8 lines of data and includes great graphic capability. This unit is large enough to allow you to display a large amount of data, or to have less data but reserve an area for messaging
Size = 1552mm; W x 590mm; T x 100mm; D.

Model 3224

Model 3224Our largest wallboard, this can display up to 32 characters x 24 lines of data with 50mm characters. It is perfect for displaying a great deal of data, such as campaigns where you need to display a large number of agents' names and performances.

Size = 1552mm; W x 3000mm; T x 100mm; D

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TCP/IP Option

All Telegenix Colorgraphix Displays have the option of interfacing throughTCP/IP . With the Telegenix IP option the customer can choose between Ethernet or Token Ring. The TCP/IP interface is internal in the display. 

With the IP option, customer provides Telegenix the IP address. The display would then be cabled to the nearest LAN outlet.

Before you choose a readerboard supplier for your contact centre/ help desk, please consider Telegenix. We offer the greatest variety of readerboards at the most competitive prices.

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