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When you need instant communication throughout your company, Telegenix Colorgraphix systems are the answer.  From the boardroom to the shop floor our multi-colour multi-font displays provide the information that your personnel need to do their jobs well. The system allows you to manage in your own management style. Whether you want to simply pass on information or to get some motivational message across, the Telegenix Win-TPA system will work for you. 

Happy New Years! messageThe messaging facilities within the Win-TPA software allows you to display messages instantly onto any Telegenix displays on the network, or to schedule them for a later time. Telegenix messaging software is Windows 95/98/NT based and does not require a dedicated PC to operate.

Telegenix displays can be connected  via standard twisted pair cable for RS-232/485 serial operation or via Ethernet or Token Ring LAN for TCP/IP operation.  Please proceed to our Display Products page for further information on the Telegenix Colorgraphix displays.







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