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What happens when a major system, subsystem or communication link fails?  Nothing.  Valuable system time is lost and calls and e-mails flood the Contact Center or Help Desk.

Telegenix offers an effective, easy-to-use solution to eliminate these productivity losses: Win-TPA.  With Win-TPA, you can instantly and automatically communicate with affected local and remote users.  No time is wasted and users can plan around scheduled maintenace.

Win-TPA is a Windows 95/98/ NT product that will operate on your existing network.  Call stats from your Help Desk ACD and your Help Desk management software can be integrated with your own ad hoc messages and be displayed using any combination of Telegenix Colorgraphix high definition displays and Agent Alert Screen Pops.  

With Telegenix displays' TCP/IP interfacing, displays from across the room or across the world can be seamlessly integrated on your Ethernet or Token Ring network.  No modems or dedicated lines are necessary.





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