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Software Products:  Win-TPA 


Win-TPA is a Server/Client-based software product designed to capture information from such systems as ACD call management systems and allow it to be displayed on Telegenix displays or Agent Alert screen pop desktop windows


Win-TPA is very flexible and will run on existing Windows networks. No dedicated network Server is required!  System capabilities include:

  • ACDís
  • Predictive Dialers
  • CTI Applications
  • ODBC flat files
  • Most Help Desk applications

All of these applications can interface simultaneously to the Win-TPA Server. Communication links to host systems include TCP/IP, Telnet, and common serial I/O ports.

Agent Alert Screen Pop Up Software

agent-pop.gif (4055 bytes)Telegenix Agent Alert Screen Pop Software places your ACD stats and messages on any LAN or WAN Windows 95/98/NT workstation.  Agent Alert Screen Pop is like a miniature wallboard displaying statistics on  workstations. The Agent Alert Screen Pop can take up the entire screen or a very small portion of it. It can be displayed permanently or can pop up from the taskbar when a threshold is reached.

Agent Alert can send critical Real Time stats and messages to individual or grouped workstations and has many customizable features.  This software is ideal for call centre managers, team leaders, and agents whose office or workstation positions don't allow them to see wallboards.


Win-TPA incorporates WYSIWYG for previewing information sent to display panels. The "View Screen" function allows the user to view a screen layout as it would appear on the display panels, including showing the actual real-time stats, before the screen layout is actually displayed on any display panel. 

The Server/Cient design provides, as an optional feature, access to the Win-TPA administrator from local or remote LAN/WAN workstations. Security is included through user-defined password protection. With Win-TPA  users can direct special messaging and data items to single panels or groups of panels. One Win-TPA server can provide support over 200 Telegenix LED Displays.

Performance Messaging and Graphics

Win-TPA can also send motivational messages and animation to the displays. With our software, you can monitor performance goals, such as calls in queue per hour. If the queue level never reaches a threshold that you define, say, for example, 10 during that monitored period, a positive message is sent to that group's panels, demonstrating your appreciation of their good work. Telegenix knows that customer support representatives respond positively to visual information such as our graphics and animation. 

Ad Hoc Messaging

Win-TPA can send pre-programmed or ad hoc messages from LAN/WAN workstations. Ad hoc messages can be easily sent to any Telegenix display via our "quick send" feature. This allows the user to send critical messages easily with minimal time expenditure. Messages can be sent to display panels or Agent Alert Screen Pops.

The Best Solution

Telegenix offers a software solution that responds to all of your mission critical messaging needs. Whatever your needs, Win-TPA provides the flexibility to monitor all of your time critical information, and present the information in a stimulating effective method.

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