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Service level is down, the call queue is lengthening and the oldest call just qualified for old age pension.  ACD information is important and when things get busy, what you do with that information and how it is displayed determines your response time.

callcentercapture.jpg (12470 bytes)Telegenix Colorgraphix display boards offer features which make your centre more effective.  Because the system is easy to use, it will be used and so no more will your staff just ignore the same old boring stats display which long ago became just part of the wallpaper.

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In today's fast-paced, web-based business environment, Contact Centre stats must catch the eye .  Telegenix graphic and audio features get attention and these graphics can be displayed automatically based on performance.  You chose when and how things are displayed.  Now your audience will look at the display boards when you want them to and will react positively.

At the heart of our Contact Center display system is our Win-TPA software.  Win-TPA includes all of the flexibility and ease-of-use expected from an industry leader.  This Windows NT or 95/98 based product does not require a dedicated PC and can run on your existing hardware.  

Of course today's Contact Centers need to display more than just ACD stats, for more information on all of the data source options please proceed to our Software Products page.


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