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Telegenix is an ISO certified company.
Telegenix, Inc. History


Telegenix, Inc. was originally founded in 1969 to supply automation systems for data centres. Today's Telegenix was formed in 1992 with a combination of two group companies, the original Telegenix, Inc. and Grim Corporation, which shared closely related products sold into different markets.  Its customer base is in data centres and call centres and includes Fortune 500 companies as well as government agencies, large utilities and universities. Its products include specialized software systems and wallboard displays. The UK operation is based in Chorley, Lancs.

Grim Corporation brought two additional customer groups to Telegenix, air traffic control providers and specialized OEMs who used Grim's contract manufacturing capability to source their own electronic devices. Grim's products for air traffic control are computerized controlled voice and data switching systems utilizing proprietary software, a wide variety of network interfaces and custom audio and visual operator display sub-stations.


Company Profile

  • Company Founded: July 1969
  • Headquarters: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
  • Building Size: 43,000 Square Feet, Wholly Owned
  • Average Number of Employees: 75
  • Quality Assurance Programs:ISO9001, Mil-I-45208, and Mil-Q-9858A


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